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Media Meets Literacy in Warsaw
21 // 05 // 2015
Media Meets Literacy in Warsaw

Media Meets Literacy… in Warsaw is, above all, a learning and networking event taking place in a pleasant atmosphere. It is aimed at 200 Media and Information Literacy (MIL) professionals from all over Europe – from policymakers and researchers to academics and, in particular, practitioners. Organized by the Evens Foundation, it celebrates the foundation’s work in the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) field over more than five years. The main objective is to create a festive event where the participants can meet, exchange, learn and make plans for future collaboration.

We start in the afternoon of 21 May with the Frontstage day, which will be kicked off with a keynote speech by leading media education researcher David Buckingham. He will critically analyse the state of Media and Information Literacy Education in Europe today and will no doubt be both illuminating and incisive. He will then engage with the audience in what is expected to be a lively Q&A. During the second half of the afternoon, we present a dozen 12 min. storytelling presentations: educators, academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, etc from various EU countries will talk about the MIL lessons and insights they want to share. This first day ends with the Award Ceremony of the 4th Evens Prize for Media Education, followed by a cocktail dinner in the garden.

On the second day, our more informal Backstage day will focus entirely on innovative ways for participants to engage in networking, interaction and learning. After the surprising plenary morning session, 6-8 parallel interactive workshops will be hosted by our partners in two series, in a rotating system. Participants will be asked to select the workshop of their preference beforehand. The conference will be closed with the official launch and presentation of a new project by the Evens Foundation and the Modern Poland Foundation: MIL/PEER - Media & Information Literacy Platform for Exchanging Educational Resources.


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